Creative Savings Box Construction Contest


I. Objective: A competition organized by Macao Postal Savings and Communications Museum, in order to encourage savings and making good use of money, and to discover more art and design lovers to participate in cultural creative activities.

II. Theme: "Future Pillar-Boxes"

  • Design and create a 3-dimensional object that includes a coin insertion opening according to the theme.
  • Each participant should submit only 1 piece of work. No limitation on the material, color, outlook and dimension for the submitted work

III. Qualifications: Full-time students of Macao can individually participate in one of the following groups:

  • Children group: Age 6 ~ 12, born between 01/01/2004 ~ 31/12/2010
  • Youth group: Age 13 ~ 18, born between 01/01/1998 ~ 31/12/2003

IV. Prize:

Children Group Youth Group
1st Prize Trophy, certificate, coupons valued at MOP1500 Trophy, certificate, coupons valued at MOP2000
2nd Prize Trophy, certificate, coupons valued at MOP1200 Trophy, certificate, coupons valued at MOP1600
3rd Prize Trophy, certificate, coupons valued at MOP900 Trophy, certificate, coupons valued at MOP1200
Appreciation Award 3 winners for each group: Trophy, certificate and coupons valued at MOP500
Guidance Teacher All guidance teachers will be presented with souvenirs. But the souvenirs will not be repeatedly given to the same person.

V. Registration and submission dates:

  • Submit the completed Registration Form and design work in person to Communications Museum. ( Registration Form )
  • Opening hours: 9:00am to 5:30pm from Monday to Sunday, closed on public holidays.
  • Deadline for submission: 5:30pm on 03/09/2016 (Saturday). Late submissions will not be evaluated.

VI. Evaluation: The organizers will invite professionals in the fields of art and culture to be the judges. The results are subject to the final judgment of the judges.

VII. Scoring Criteria:

  • Artistic & creative design (50%): The design of the creative work should match with the theme and its meaning.
  • Functionality (25%): Functionality, e.g. design of the coin insertion opening, on/off function or any other designs of function.
  • Completeness (25%): Stable work and its sophistication.

VIII. Declaration:

  • Personal data collected in the Registration Form will only be used for the arrangement of the activity and handled according to the "Personal Data Collection Policy Statement" of Macao Post.
  • All submitted entries will be exhibited in the Communications Museum. The Organizer reserves the rights to film, publish, translate, display and promote the entries without prior permission of the participants or remuneration.
  • Non-winning entries will be returned to the participants after exhibition. Macao Post owns the copyright and usage right of the winning drawings.
  • If a prize-winning work were a product of plagiarism, any prize awarded will be considered null and void, any prize paid will be recovered.