CTT History

In 1929, the construction of the Headquarters Building situated at Senado Square was completed. This Western neoclassical architectural building was officially inaugurated in 1931, since then, it witnessed the growth and development of the postal and telecommunications service industry. In 2005, the Senado Square complex, including CTT Headquarters, was listed as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

On March 1, 1884, CTT was officially established. In addition to the traditional postal services, CTT undertook other responsibility and provided different types of service in response to the social development and market needs in different decades. In 1947, CTT was endowed with financial and administrative autonomy, allowing the advantage of being able to acquire resources promptly for its operation, which is beneficial to its business development and profitability.

Today, CTT still holds to its fundamental professional stance: to adhere its original aspiration, to embrace the future, to adapt and respond to needs, to face responsibility, to diligently implement a hard working spirit, to keep up with new ideas, to carry out its duties unassumingly while drawing from its vast accumulated experience, to develop and explore more diversified business to meet the evolving new eras, to contribute to the development of a supportive society and enhance people's well-being.

Under the leadership of the Administrative Committee, the main business of the CTT covers three major category of services: postal services, telecommunications and postal savings.

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