25 Years of the AICEP - Special Exhibition

Date: 09/10/2015 ~ 31/10/2015

Venue: Multifunction Room, Communications Museum

Audience: Public

Constituted in 1990, the AICEP is a non-governmental, non-profit international, scientific and technical association, whose object is to promote closer relations between its Members, so as to contribute to the harmonisation, development and modernisation of communications, as well as supporting projects and programmes, in Portuguese-Speaking Countries.

At the time it was visionary when it included Communications Operators in its midst, irrespective of being postal or telecommunications, demonstrating a clear vision of convergence and complementarity between the two sectors of the industry. It was also visionary when it congregated its Members by proximity of language and cultures, rather than by geographic criteria.

The AICEP subsequently innovated, when it considered that in the development of Communications the relationship between Operators and Regulators is very strong, complex and interactive and that Operators and Regulators are not only different bodies, but also complementary entities of the same body which are Communications.

And accompanying the natural dynamism and strategic development of the Communications sector, namely in telecommunications, which, in our current times, cannot be dissociated from contents, the AICEP, in its continued pursuit of innovation, incorporated the "Contents" (television) in May 2013, thus strengthening and consolidating its role as a representative Association that is increasingly more inclusive of the different areas of Communications in the Portuguese-speaking World.

The AICEP is, therefore, a space of convergence of the partners of the Communications sector, the only association worldwide which combines Postal Mail, Telecommunications, Contents and Regulators and its mission is to promote and support the sustainable development of Portuguese-speaking Communications.

With extensive development training and cooperation plans, the AICEP, currently chaired by CTT ¡V Correios de Portugal, combines Portuguese-speaking Communications and is structured around two fundamental axes: Communications and Language.

Due to the relevance of the AICEP throughout the entire Lusophone world, not only due to its past which pays homage to all of us, but also in its more current role as an instrument to promote unity between peoples, as a vehicle of culture and as a tool for business and diplomacy.

Portuguese-speaking Countries and Territories which constitute its universe decided to jointly commemorate the ¡§25 Years of AICEP¡¨ with the issue of a series of stamps, as part of its official stamp issue plan. Thus, the Appointed Postal Operators of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea- Bissau, Macao, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, and East Timor have decided to join this philatelic commemoration, which takes the form of a Lusophony Joint Issue.