A series of seminars on the close relationship between the development of science and technology and our daily life organized by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Macau and the Communications Museum.

IEEE Talks - Electrical and Electronic Applications in Our Daily Life
Date Time Topic Speaker
May 1 Saturday 14:30-16:00 Explore the Secrets of Human Body through Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Vai, Meng I
May 15 Electricity & Electronics - Daily Life, Environment and Study in Secondary School Ph.D. Wong, Man Chung
June 5 Development & Technology of Micro-electronic Integrated Circuits in Macao Ph.D. U, Seng Pan
June 19 When the Trail of the Technological Development of Fiber Optics Leads to the Radio Play of Post-1990 Generation, Then and Now. Ph.D. Tam, Kam Weng
June 26 The Graphic World of 3-Dimension - Combining Engineering and Art Ph.D. Wong, Hon Cheng
  • Location & language: CMM Auditorium, in Cantonese
  • Audience & vacancy: Form 3 students or above, 100 vacancies per talk
  • Application: 18/04-13/06/2010, CMM Reception or online reservation
  • Fees: Free of charge