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The electronic Mixer is a device for mixing two or more electronic signals. In this Exhibit, the circuit is an Additive Mixer. Additive mixers add two or more signals together, and are used for applications such as Audio Mixing. It consists of a FET Common-Source Amplifier and a Summing Amplifier, Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Mixer mixes up several Signals into one Output

The Small Microphone Signal is first amplified by the Common-Source Amplifier. The three signals from the Waveform Generator, MP3 Player and Microphone are inputted to a FET Common-Drain Amplifier, and the Sum of those signals are outputted.

In a professional audio system, an Audio Mixer or a Mixing Desk is electronic equipment for combining, routing and changing the level, tone and dynamics of Audio Signals.

Analog Lab > Audio-Lab