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Automatic sorting machines are effective in handling large volume of correspondence in many countries. However, taking into account of the scale and daily volume, CTT considers it will be more practical and economic to use manual Sorting Racks for handling its Outbound, Inbound and Local Correspondence.

Since 2005, CTT has been replacing most pigeonholes style, Metallic Sorting Racks design, constructed in the earlier stage, with Vertical Sorting Frames.

Up to July 2022, there are 61 Distribution Zones in Macao. Inbound and Local Correspondence are first sorted by the recipient's address into a Metallic Sorting Rack marked with the corresponding zone number; then correspondence from the same zone is sorted again according to the distribution route, with the Vertical Sorting Frame labeled with the street name, door number or building name.

When sorting Outbound Correspondence, the correspondence is simply placed in the Sorting Rack labeled with the name of the Mail Exchange Office of the destination.

Postal Activities > Sorting Rack