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"Stamps Around the World - Liechtenstein, Kingdom of Stamps"

The Principality of Liechtenstein is situated in the Rhine Valley of the European Alps, it's bordered to the west by Switzerland, and to the east along the Alps by Austria. The entire western border of Liechtenstein is formed by the Rhine. The official language of this microstate in Central Europe is German. Despite of her small population, this double-landlocked country has one of the highest Gross Domestic Product in the world. Liechtenstein has the meaning of "light stone" in German.

"Stamps Around the World - Liechtenstein, Kingdom of Stamps" is the first stamp exhibition that showcases the stamps issued by a selected country or region. Special thanks to Liechtenstein National Museum and Philately Liechtenstein for lending their precious collections that allow us to appreciate the beautiful stamps about "Princely Treasures" "Chinese Signs of the Zodiac" "Technology and Life" "Beautiful Liechtenstein" and "Classic Car Collection" of Liechtenstein.

Location: Temporary Gallery, Communications Museum

Opening Hours: Starting 01/03/2019, Monday~Sunday, 09:00~17:30. Closing in public holidays.

Souvenir for Visitors:

A paper crown will be given for photos taking.

Booking Visit of Schools & Organizations: Duration of 1 hour

Number: SE-01

Audience: Kindergarten 2 & 3

Content: Thematic guided visit (30 min) + Workshop - Enjoy Liechtenstein (30 min)

Number: SE-02

Audience: P1 to P3

Content: Thematic guided visit (30 min) + Workshop - The King's Castle (30 min)

Number: SE-03

Audience: P4 to P6

Content: Thematic guided visit (30 min) + Workshop - Liechtenstein's Day & Night (30 min)

Number: SE-04

Audience: Other students of different class.

Content: Thematic guided visit (30 min) + Free visit

Number: GE-01

Audience: Adult groups, no limit of age

Content: Thematic guided visit (30 min) + Free visit

Especial Workshop: Decoupage Easter Eggs

Date: 13/04/2019, Saturday, 15:00~17:00

Audience: Family workshop, 2 persons for each group,12 totally 15 groups.

Fees: MOP30.00 for each group, material included

Content: Thematic guided visit, interactive games & workshop Inquiry & application: Ms. Kuok, Ms. Chan

Tel: 28718063, 28718570


Princely Treasures

The Royal Family of Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein National Museum have maintained their tradition of keeping art collection over hundreds of years. In the past 600 years, they have collected a huge volume of art treasures. These art works are so famous which becomes one of the most important private art collections in the world. The collection includes stunning silverware and a great amount of Baroque Period art works. It also includes the painting masterpieces by the great painters, Rubens and Van Dyck, of the Flemish School of paintings, as well as numerous beautiful sculptures, porcelain, furniture and weapons. These treasures became exquisite stamps through the hands of the stamp designers.

Chinese Signs of the Zodiac

The Principality of Liechtenstein began to issue stamps since 1912. It's also known as the "Kingdom of Stamps" for their unique concepts, diverse themes, fresh images, exquisite workmanship, creative designs and rigorous issuance. They have won numerous international awards. The Stamp designer, Stefan Erne, has chosen the twelve zodiacs of the Chinese Lunar calendar and produced them in the form of a silhouette using state-of-the-art laser technology, vividly showing the zodiac animals on the stamps. The "Dragon" stamp, which is the first issue of the "Chinese Signs of the Zodiac" series, has been awarded 1st Place for the "Most Beautiful Stamp in the World 2012". The "Horse" stamp of the same series has also been awarded 3rd Place for the "Most Innovative Stamp 2013".

Technology and Life

Liechtenstein is a highly industrialized country. The major industries include machinery, textile, pharmacy, food, metal, precision instruments, etc. Liechtenstein companies and brands are commonly seen in Macao, for instance, Hilti Corporation which produces construction machineries, Ivoclar Vivadente AG which produces dental equipment, and Neutrik AG which produces electrical and electronic interconnection products and systems. Originating from Liechtenstein, all these companies have set up branch offices to manufacture and sell their high technology products all over the world. Stamps are also an industry that widely uses technology, as seen in the change of printing material, the effects of engraving and embossing, special paint and coating, hot stamping with precious metal and multimedia technology. The stamps reveal the power of innovation and technology.

Beautiful Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a wealthy, prosperous and beautiful country, with Vaduz as the capital. The country is surrounded by the beautiful Alps and Rhine River. The ancient castles and modern cities blend into the charming landscape of the country. The Vaduz Castle is the landmark of Liechtenstein which built in 1342. It is the residence of the princely family of Liechtenstein. It is only open to the public on the national day, August 15 every year. On this day, visitors can go up to the mountain near the castle to enjoy the enchanting scenery. Liechtenstein is famous for its stamps but also a great place for skiing. There are plenty of nature reserves, adorable animals, attractive butterflies and varieties of Alpine flowers widely seen. The yellow lily is the national flower of Liechtenstein.

Classic Car Collection

As a token of respect to the senior collectors, Liechtenstein has issued the "Collections in Liechtenstein - Classic Cars" for five consecutive years. The cars include veteran cars, racing cars, saloon cars, tool cars, motorcycles, etc. The artwork for the cars comprises oil paintings by the famous Canadian artist, Mark Heine. Thus, the stamps are as precious as the cars themselves. Miniature cars (1:43) are also showcased in the exhibition. Though palm-sized, these cars are formed by more than one hundred small and exquisite parts. Indulge yourself in the world of cars!