"Telecommunication over Decades" Special Exhibition

  • Date: 15/05/2015 ~ 30/08/2015 (Tuesday to Sunday, 09:30 ~ 17:30)
  • Venue: Temporary Exhibition Gallery, Communications Museum
  • Audience: Students & public
  • Booking Guided Visit: 30 min.
SE-01 School Groups
GE-01 Organization & Elderly Groups

Today, we live in a prosperous and hustling metropolitan. Busy lives in work and studies make us forget about the past easily. No matter whether you are a tourist or resident of Macao, let us recall our collective memories of the city's telecommunication in the past.

The exhibition showcases the most influential telecommunication tools and methods to Macao citizens from the 60's to the present. The exhibition is divided into six main areas, namely the "Store of Our Childhood", "Home in the Past", "Simulated Paging Station", "Mobile Communications", "Smart Communications" and "Looking up Telephone Numbers". Visitors can experience the different methods of communication by operating the interactive exhibits, and recollect the lifestyle of people in those days. Besides, visitors can recognize the different models of mobile phones across different eras from the "Telephone Display Wall". They can also recall the scene of using coin insertion phones at the "Old-style Telephone Booth", and call by dialing the "Super Telephone Models".