"Communications Museum in Comics" Competition

"Communications Museum in Comics" is a competition organized by Communications Museum, aiming to strengthen relationship with the schools and associations through the communication of hand drawing comics.
The submitting entries should focus on the theme "Communications Museum in Comics", creating characters based on the Museum's services, exhibitions and/or facilities, while narrating a story.
Full-time primary and secondary students of Macao can participate individually. Each participant can only submit one entry; the schools or associations to which the students belong can submit a collection of entries.
Specifications & Requirement
  • Each entry must have at least 1 page and up to one set of 4 pages of hand drawing comics. There is no limit for the material of paper and colour used, but the dimension of each paper must be 210mm x 297mm. Each page may contain one or more panes of picture in black & white or in colour, and adding dialogues in Chinese, English or Portuguese is allowed.
  • If more than one pane of comics submitted, the narration of story must maintain continuity.
  • Each entry should include the Application Form and Brief Description of the Story.
Participation Category (Based on 2008/09 school year)
  • 1st Category - Primary 4 to 6 students
  • 2nd Category - Form 1 to 3 students
  • 3rd Category - Form 4 to 6 students
1st Category 1st Prize Trophy, winning certificate, MOP 600.00 gift vouchers
2nd Prize Trophy, winning certificate, MOP 500.00 gift vouchers
3rd Prize Trophy, winning certificate, MOP 400.00 gift vouchers
2nd Category 1st Prize Trophy, winning certificate, MOP 800.00 gift vouchers
2nd Prize Trophy, winner certificate, MOP 600.00 gift vouchers
3rd Prize Trophy, winner certificate, MOP 400.00 gift vouchers
3rd Category 1st Prize Trophy, winner certificate, MOP 1000.00 gift vouchers
2nd Prize Trophy, winner certificate, MOP 800.00 gift vouchers
3rd Prize Trophy, winner certificate, MOP 600.00 gift vouchers
Supervising Teacher (Coordinator) of the winners: Memorial trophy and souvenirs.
  • Judging Criteria: Each entry will be graded in accordance with the (i) content & completeness of the story, (ii) drawing skills, (iii) creativity, and (iv) expression competence (Brief Description of the Story included); 25% of the total score will be allotted to each criterion respectively.
  • Judging Panel: Decision made by judges invited by the Organizer will be considered final and appeals are not accepted. If entries do not meet the theme or are substandard, prizes would not be awarded.
Submission of Entries
  • Date of submission: From 1 May 2009 to 31 July 2009.
  • Address: Communications Museum of Macao, Estrada D. Maria II, No 7.
  • The entries can be delivered directly during normal opening hours of the Museum or sent by mail to the above address with the description "Communications Museum in Comics" Competition on the envelope. The eligibility of mailing objects is subject to the arrival postmark of Macao Post on the envelope.
  • Please pack the mailing objects properly. The Museum is not responsible of any damage suffered from delivery or mailing process.
Explanation Sessions
Explanation sessions will be held in the Auditorium of the Museum, on 14 and 21 March 2009, at 15:00. For reservations, please contact Tel: 28718063/ 28718570 or Email: info@macao.communications.museum.
Exhibition and Copyright
All entries will not be returned. The copyright of winning entries belongs to the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the rights to film, publish, translate, display and promote entries without prior permission of the participants and remuneration.
Any issues not covered in the Regulations will be the exclusive competence of the Organizer.
  • For details of the Regulations of Competition & Application Form, please visit the website of Communications Museum of Macao (http://macao.communications.museum).
  • Contact: Ms. Sunny Kuok, Telephone 28718063 / 28718570; Fax: 28718018; Email: info@macao.communications.museum)