Press Release

Special Exhibition to Celebrate the 13th Anniversary of the Communications Museum

To celebrate its anniversary, the Communications Museum will launch, on March 1st, a special exhibition "Stamps Around the World - Liechtenstein, Kingdom of Stamps". This will be the first stamp exhibition to showcase the stamps issued by a particular country or region. Special thanks to Liechtenstein National Museum and Philately Liechtenstein for lending their precious collections that allow us to appreciate the beautiful stamps of "Princely Treasures", "Chinese Signs of the Zodiac", "Technology and Life", "Beautiful Liechtenstein" and "Classic Car Collection" of Liechtenstein.

During the exhibition, thematic guided visits will be provided to schools and organizations who book their visit. For school bookings, their guiding will include a workshop, such as "Enjoy Liechtenstein", "The King's Castle" or "Liechtenstein's Day & Night" according to the level of the students, from Kindergarten to Primary. All visitors will receive a gift paper crown for photo taking and they are free to explore the various interactive items in the different exhibition areas. Family visitors are welcome to join our tour to wake up the sleeping beauty in the stamp, try on costumes, imprint an engraved stamp, watch the demonstration of laser cutting and enumerate all the famous cars.

The museum will also organize a special family workshop "Decoupage Easter Eggs" in the afternoon of April 13th. Interested participants are invited to call us for application. For more details about all of the above activities, please visit the museum's webpage at