Science and Arts Activity for Primary Students, 2021


1. General Theme: Science on the Playground

Encourage students to produce a short film record the discovery of scientific phenomena and fun facts combined with art and scientific creativity while having fun on all sorts of playgrounds, as to increase their initiative of "Dare to experiment. Dare to discover".

2. Qualifications:

All full-time primary students in Macao are qualified for participation. There is no limit of school teams in participation. Each participant can only join one team;

  • Group A: 2 ~ 4 Primary 4 students or below at each team (a mix of P.1 to P.4 is acceptable);
  • Group B: 2 ~ 4 Primary 5 or 6 students at each team (a mix of P.5 & P.6 is acceptable).

3. Theme and Content:

  • Topic related with any "scientific theory" is acceptable as the theme. Participants are encouraged to submit creative video clips to record any scientific phenomena existed in any sport activities or games on playgrounds, presenting in lively and interesting ways with scientific explanation;
  • No limitation in expression, any ways of performance like, experiments, surveys, dramas, documentaries, speeches, debates, interview and other creative forms are welcome to participate in this video submission.

4. Video Clips Format and Requirements:

  • Each team can only upload and submit ONE work. The title of submitted work is proposed by the team;
  • There is no limitation on the aspect ratio of the clips, but the total duration length of the video clips must be within 6 minutes;
  • Total size of the file should be less than 1GB;
  • There is no language limitation to the work. However, subtitle is appreciated if there are dialogues in the video clips.

5. Prizes:

  • The best works (maximum of 3) selected from each category will be awarded with certificate, trophy and coupons valued at MOP2,000.00;
  • Guidance teachers (or parents): Maximum of 2 in each team will be presented with souvenirs. Souvenirs will not be repeatedly given to the same guidance teachers/parents;
  • Winning works will be exhibited in the Museum, and/or exhibited in other schools under the coordination of Communications Museum.

6. Online Registration and Work Submission in

Deadline of registration and video work submission: 23:59:59 on 15/12/2021 (Wednesday), using museum website for online registration as well as uploading the video work through designated link shown in the website;

7. Judges: Organizer and co-organizer will invite professionals to be the jury. The result is subject to the final decision of the jury.

8. Evaluation Criteria:

Creativity (45%), scientific principle (35%), Photography Skill (10%) and Post-Production (10%);

  • Creativity: Novelty, uniqueness and innovation of the work and the scientific theories that presented;
  • Scientific principle: Principles in the work are used accurately, and whether the scientific explanations are simple and clear;
  • Photography skill: Video shooting and producing skill such as the storyline of the work, the performance of the actors and the editing skill in the clips;
  • Post-Production: Visual effects and colour adjustment in the post-production of the work, subtitles production, etc.

9. Declaration:

  • Personal data, collected in the activity and registration form will be used for the arrangement of activity and handled according to the Statement of Personal Data Collection of Macao Post & Telecommunications Bureau;
  • The content of the creative work cannot contain any indecent, violent or illegal content and must not violate the laws of Macao SAR;
  • The submitted work must not have been previously published, awarded any prizes or be bound by any copyright restrictions;
  • Any elements, like animation, photos, illustration, music and other materials adopted in the participation work must comply with the Copyright and Related Rights Regime;
  • The participating teams should abide by the Personal Data Protection Act. Any human voice or images used in the creative work should obtain prior consent from the person concerned, except for shots of street scenes in which the people are not prominently shown;
  • Participants should not film or take photos at restricted areas. If required, they should obtain prior consent from the related owner or management staff;
  • The Organizer reserves the rights to broadcast submitted entries in the Communications Museum or other media channels for the purpose of promotion without prior permission of the participants or remuneration;
  • All submitted works shall not be returned. The copyright of the winning works will belong to Macao Post & Telecommunications Bureau.

Organizer: Communications Museum

Co-organizer: Macau Society of Biomedical Engineering

Enquiry: Communications Museum (Application: Ms. Kuok, Activity: Ms. Cheang, Mr. Ieong)

Address: Estrada de D.Maria II, no.7

Tel: (853) 2871 8063 / 2871 8570

Fax: (853) 2871 8018

Email:, Website: