Communications Museum - Electronic Device Construction Competition, 2014


I. Theme - "Car Tournament"

Design and produce a device able to control operational time. By participating in this competition, students can make use of their knowledge of science through practical application.

II. Category of Participants

All full-time secondary students of Macao can sign up for participation individually or in groups (maximum 4 members per group). Each individual or group can only submit one piece of work.

  • Junior Secondary Group - Form 1 to Form 3 students
  • Senior Secondary Group - Form 4 to Form 6 students

III. Prizes:

Junior Secondary Group & Senior Secondary Group

  • 1st Prize: Trophy, winning certificate, MOP 2,500.00 gift voucher and philatelic products;
  • 2nd Prize: Trophy, winning certificate, MOP 2,000,00 gift voucher and philatelic products;
  • 3rd Prize: Trophy, winning certificate, MOP 1,500.00 gift voucher and philatelic products.
  • Appreciation Awards: 5 awards of each Group, including winning certificate, MOP 700.00 gift voucher and philatelic products.

IV. Explanation Sessions

The explanation session for the Junior Secondary Group will be held at 2:00pm and that for the Senior Secondary Group at 4:00pm on 26/10/2013 (Saturday) in the museum's auditorium. For reservations, please call 28718063 / 28718570 or email to

V. Registration and Deadline

Registration: Register Online at the museum website

Registration period: From now till 5:30pm on 04/12/2013 (Wednesday)

VI. Dates of Drawing and Competition

Drawing: 14/12/2013 (Saturday), at 2:00pm, by participant representative.

Competition: 11 & 18//01/2014 (Saturday), at Communications Museum.

VII. Judges

The Organizer and co-organizer will invite professionals to be the judges of the competition. The final result is subject to the decision of the judges.

VIII. Supplementary Rules

The Supplementary Rules are also part of this "Regulations" document. The Organizer reserves the right to interpret, explain or decide on any other issues not covered in the Regulations.

IX. Declaration

Personal data, photos or video images collected in the Explanation Sessions, registration form and competition will be used for the arrangement of activity and handled according to the "Personnel Data Collection Policy Statement" of Macao Post.

All submitted entries may be exhibited in the Communications Museum. The Organizer reserves the rights to film, publish, translate, display and promote the entries without prior permission of the participants or remuneration.