Stamp Festival, 2012


1. Objective: To encourage families and groups of friends to visit the museum and discover the enjoyment in life.

2. Theme: "Love and Blessings"

3. Qualifications & Charges

  • Qualified participants: Macao residents. Maximum 50 groups (Maximum 4 persons per group. Families and groups of friends are welcome)
  • Charge: Participants will only pay for the entrance fee. The workshop is free of charge. The Museum will provide painting tools, colours and 1 metallic mailbox to each group for painting at the Museum. The finished works will be exhibited in the Museum and they will be returned to the participant after the exhibition.

4. Souvenirs and Prizes

  • All participants: Free entrance coupon of 3-month validity will be granted according to the number of participants in each group.
  • Best works of 3 groups: Quotas for joining "A Tour at Hong Kong Museums" according to the number of participants in each group.
  • "A Tour at Hong Kong Museums": The quota for the tour is non-transferrable and will not be repeatedly awarded to the same person. The organizer will sponsor the ferry tickets, transportation, lunch and insurance for the tour which is held on 11 November 2012 (Sunday). The participants will visit the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of History.
  • If any participant of the winning group decides to forego the tour, no compensation will be granted. If the whole group (all participants included) decides to forego the tour, a set of philatelic products (1 annual album and 1 philatelic book) will be given as the prize for replacement.

5. Registration and Deadline

  • Registration: Submit the completed registration form to Communications Museum (Estrada de D. Maria II, No. 7, Macau), or register online at the museum website (
  • Operating Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm; Tuesdays to Sundays.
  • Registration period: From now till 5:30pm on 13 September 2012 (Thursday). First-come-first-served.

6. Holding of Workshop and Announcement of Results

  • Date of workshop: Communications Museum from 2:00pm to 5:30pm on 22 September 2012 (Saturday).
  • Announcement of result: The winners list will be announced on Communications Museum website on 9 October 2012. The works will be exhibited until 30 December 2012.
  • Collection of works: Reception Counter at Communications Museum before 1 March 2013.

7. Selection of Works: The organizer, Communications Museum, will invite judges to select the three best finished works. The result is subject to the final decision of the judges.

8. Declaration

  • Staffs of Macao Post are not allowed to participate in the activity.
  • Personal data, photos or video images collected in the workshop and registration form will be used for the arrangement of activity and handled according to the "Personnel Data Collection Policy Statement" of Macao Post.
  • All submitted entries may be exhibited in the Communications Museum. The Organizer reserves the rights to film, publish, translate, display and promote the entries without prior permission of the participants or remuneration.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to interpret, explain or decide on any other issues not covered in the Regulations.