A series of seminars on the close relationship between the development of science and technology and our daily life organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Macau and the Communications Museum.

IEEE Talks - Electrical and Electronic Applications in Our Daily Life
Date Time Topic Speaker
15/10/2011 Saturday 14:00-16:00 Seminar+Visit Explore the Secrets of Human Body through Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Vai, Mang I
29/10/2011 How Much Do you Know about Telecommunications Network? Ph.D. Choi, Tak Meng
05/11/2011 Introduction & Applications of Cloud Computing - A Case Study of Google Applications Eng. Zhang, Xiao Di
26/11/2011 Daily Life, Environmental Protection, Energy Management & Smart Grid Ph.D. Cheang, Tak Son
03/12/2011 How Can You Live without Electricity? - Electricity System & You! Ph.D. Wong, Chi Kong
07/01/2012 Electricity & Electronics - Daily Life, Environment and Study in Secondary School Ph.D. Wong, Man Chung
  • Location & language: Auditorium of Communications Museum; in Cantonese
  • Audience & vacancy: Form 3 students or above, 100 vacancies per talk
  • Application: Reception Counter of the Museum (office hour) or online reservation
  • Application deadline for individual talks: 2 days before each talk
  • Charge per participant: MOP 10.00 (for snacks & transport only, travelling insurance not included)
Information of Application
Tel: 28718063 , 28718570
Fax: 28718018