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To process or store Analog Signals like Speech or Music by Digital Electronics Equipments, you have to convert the Analog Sound Signal into a Digital Signal. This is done by an electronic device called Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Figura 1.

Figure 1: Analog Signal Waveform and Digital Signal Waveform

An ADC samples the Analog Signal according to the Nyquist-Shannon Sampling Theorem. This Theorem states that an Analog Signal can be totally reproduced again if the Sampling Rate is greater than twice the bandwidth of the Signal.

The Digital Signal is actually a Binary Signal, which only contains two levels, Low and High. Generally, the Low Level corresponds to Binary 0 and the High Level corresponds to Binary 1.

Analog to Digital Converters are often used together with different Sensors to convert Analog Information such as Temperature, Sound and Image etc. to Digital Signals for further processing by Digital Signal Processors (DSP).

Information Processing > See Your Voice