Foundation of Communication

Sending and Receiving

Humans have a great ability to work together, to think collaboratively as a community, this is due to their ability to communicate – to send and receive complex messages.

Here visitors can see text and graphics depicting the Basic Model of Communication.

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Messages of the Past

Visitors enter an area confined by a large wall graphic and hear a soundscape. The graphic pictures smoke signals, drums, naval flags, and semaphore flags, people delivering a sheet of folded paper to a sailor in a boat and to a horse rider. The soundscape has a shifting set of sounds – drums, calling voices, Morse code, horses galloping, etc.

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Visual Telegraphy

Visitors can use a simple code on two visual telegraphs. They can turn six flaps so that their friend can see the letters of a message which can be decoded.

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Tin can telephones

Visitors can pull the tin cans apart to apply tension to the string, and then talk using the tin can telephones.

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