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A Postmark is any mark, applied by hand-stamp, or by machine, connected with the postal service and found on object transmitted by post. It may include Postal Datemark, Slogan Mark and Service Chop, etc..

A Postal Datemark is mainly used to cancel or obliterate postage Stamps in order to prevent their re-use. In general, it has the function of confirming collection or delivery by the post office, and the date on which the object was handled. On the other hand, it may be regarded as a form of postage Stamp to denote the prepayment of postage.

A Slogan Mark is a postmark bearing some form of announcement or message, advertisement or propaganda.

Service Chops include On Postal Service Chop, Postage Due Chop, Poste Restante Chop etc..

On Postal Service Chop is a chop, usually with French letters "Service des Postes", applied to mail to indicate the postage-free postal service used by the Postal Administration.

Postage Due Chop is a chop applied to mail to denote the charges to be raised from the addressees on unpaid or underpaid correspondence.

Poste Restante Chop is a chop applied to mail to indicate that the mail will be collected by the addressees in the post office.

The Museum has in its collection an ivory-made, oval, double-circle "Macao Maritime Post" postmark, which was applied as a delivery mark to a letter that arrived from the Philippines in Macao on 31st January 1846.

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