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Automatic sorting machines are effective in handling large volumes of Correspondence in many countries. But, taking into account its scale and its daily volume, CTT considers it more practical and economic to use manual Sorting Racks for handling its Outbound, Inbound and Local Correspondence. Sorting Racks are metallic frames with rectangular pigeonholes.

For sorting the Inbound and Local Correspondence, letters are put into different Pigeonholes according to their respective delivery zones – this is called Primary Sorting. At present, there are more than 40 delivery zones in Macao, so the pigeonholes of the racks for Primary Sorting are labeled with the numbers of the delivery zones. After doing the Primary Sorting, letters for each delivery zone are sorted in accordance with the delivery route – this is called the Secondary Sorting. Pigeonholes on the racks for Secondary Sorting are labeled with the street names, door numbers or building names.

For the Outbound Correspondence, letters are sorted into the pigeonholes labeled with the names of the destination Mail Exchange Offices.

There are doors with identification labels at the back of each Pigeonhole, so while one postman is doing the Primary Sorting in front of the rack, the other postman can collect the Correspondence from the back door for Secondary Sorting without interrupting his colleague's work.

Since 2005, CTT has used the vertical sorting rack imported from abroad.

Postal Activities > Sorting Rack