Stamp Perforation

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After printing out your own Stamp designed with the computer, you can perforate it with the Perforating Machine. Stamps can be detached easily after Perforation.

The first Stamps were issued without Perforations, so they had to be cut from the sheet with a pair of scissors. This was an inconvenient and time-consuming process. In 1850's, Henry Archer invented a machine that made lines of holes around each Stamp.

The protruding parts of the perforation are called Teeth, while the semi-circular hollow spaces between them are called Holes. The density of perforations can be measured with a Perforation Gauge.

There are many types of perforation. In order to prevent forgery. Some of the Macao Stamps are perforated with a mix of ellipsis or stars in addition to the traditional circular ones.

Philately > Stamp Perforation